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UK & European Graduates

Many businesses are keen to employ home-grown British graduates. The attractions are obvious - intelligent, qualified people with English as their first language, educated and resident in the UK.

Of course InterGrad successfully recruits UK candidates for companies nationwide.

However we can make your vacancy available to a much wider European audience.

Why not consider employing a graduate from mainland Europe? There are many potential benefits:

  • There is a huge untapped pool of talent just across the Channel
  • Thousands of European graduates want to come and work in the UK
  • Many European graduates speak English fluently. Their degree courses may well have been taught in English
  • Many of the top universities and business schools are in mainland Europe
  • Many of the brightest, best educated and trained graduates come from mainland Europe
  • They bring new approaches and ideas
  • They will internationalise your company culture and broaden your horizons
  • Besides the usual role of a graduate, they can also help with international sales, marketing, collaborations, export, etc.
  • Many already have work experience here in the UK
  • Most European countries share a similar culture to ours
  • Their willingness to come to the UK highlights their mobility, independence, ambition and motivation
  • Some may be more competitive in their salary requirements
  • There are no issues with work permits or visas

We recruit from all mainland European countries, including:


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